Childminder Early Educators

Gain the skills and expertise you need to help children shine brighter

Helping children and young people to develop, grow and reach their full potential is a wonderful experience. The people they meet and interact with during their early, formative years have a significant impact on their lives.

Research has found that youngsters who have been exposed to positive role models from an early age are more likely to realise better social and educational outcomes and get the best possible start in life. At Orange Moon Training, we’re passionate about equipping childcare practitioners with the skills, knowledge and qualifications they need to make a real difference to children at such a critical stage of their lives.

If you’re serious about working as a childminder early educator, we can provide all the training you will need to find your ideal role and develop your career. We offer courses at all levels, all of which have been specially designed to equip you with the skills and expertise you need to guide the children you work with through childhood and help them flourish and grow.

Funding is available for most of our courses to help you access the training you need to pursue your career aspirations and improve the outcomes of the children you work with.

What is a childminder early educator?

Childminder early educators are highly skilled professionals who provide care and learning for other people’s children in their own homes.

As well as providing care for children, they play a vital role in delivering early years education. They are allowed to care for up to six children, including their own, up to the age of eight.

Many continue caring for children to the age of 14.

Most childminders work from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday, and they can sometimes offer more flexible hours outside of these times.

As lone workers, childminder early educators need to be organised, self-motivated and prepared to create a stimulating learning environment within their own home.

There is a national shortfall of childminder early educators. It is an extremely rewarding career, with average salaries ranging between £25,000–£35,000 per year. 

Our childminder early educator training solutions

We’ve been supporting home-based childcare practitioners, including childminders and nannies, since 2006. Our sister company, @Home Childcare, delivers a wide range of training solutions to help support your career, including:

  • Accredited early years qualifications and short CPD programmes
  • Customised and contextualised accredited courses for home-based childcare practitioners
  • Placement opportunities for early years trainees
  • Approved childminder pre-registration training programmes

While childcare and education are paramount, you’ll be responsible for running your own business. Our training programme places particular emphasis on ensuring you set up and maintain a sustainable and profitable business. It focuses on providing the skills and knowledge you need, including marketing, compliance, business administration, finance and taxation.

We can also help home-based childcare businesses recruit quality individuals through our ‘grow your own’ Early Years Academy programme and provide Government-funded programmes to help you recruit new staff and upskill your team.

Working with Children

Our Working with Children Academy Programme is designed to identify and develop the next generation of childminder early educators. It gives employers the opportunity to ‘Grow Your Own’ staff with the skills and experience they need to thrive within your business.

It is tailored to individuals looking for a career working with early years children in nurseries, pre-schools, childminders and other specialist early years professions. Candidates are taken through a fully funded and structured training programme.

Employers can work with academy students on a voluntary basis to help them monitor and mould potential employees with no obligation to employ. You can observe how they perform in your workplace and ensure they would be a good fit with your business, your team and the children in your care before formally offering a job.

And if you have specific vacancies to fill, we can run a fully funded academy for your business designed to give candidates all the skills and knowledge required by your organisation.

Early Years Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are an excellent way for childminder early educators to recruit new staff, including early years assistants or co-minders.

You can also use apprenticeships to upskill yourself and your existing employees with a funded Level 2 or Level 3 qualification.

Different organisations have different needs and work with different profiles of children. They also operate in a variety of socio-economic climates and have specific developmental targets and a distinctive ethos.

We’ve designed our accredited apprenticeship qualifications to meet the needs of a wide range of home-based childcare and education practitioners and can tailor apprenticeship frameworks to the needs of your childcare business. 

We can also help you identify and recruit apprentices through our Childminder Academy Programme.

Why Orange Moon Training?

Whatever your chosen career path, Orange Moon Training can help.

We offer bespoke training and internationally recognised qualifications at all levels to give you the skills you need to achieve your childcare and education support career ambitions, whatever they may be.

It is our firm belief that by raising the standards of practitioners in the industry, more children will reach their full potential and achieve better outcomes.