Nurseries and Pre-Schools

Orange Moon Training has been supporting Nurseries and Pre-school settings since 2012 by;

  • Delivering accredited Early Years qualifications and short CPD programmes.
  • Customising and contextualising the generic accredited courses to meet the specific needs of each individual setting.
  • Helping settings to recruit quality individuals for their teaching staff through a “grow your own” Early Years Academy programme. This has become particularly important over the last few years as settings have struggled to recruit new staff.
  • Organising placement opportunities for Early Years trainees
  • Enabling settings to utilise a range of government funded programmes to help recruit new staff and provide CPD training to upskill existing staff.

Working with our Home Early Educators (Childminders) and Home Childcarers (nannies) to provide wraparound care for parents so that the nursery can provide an holistic service.

Your “grow your own” Early Years Academy programme

Our Early Years academy is designed to help you identify potential candidates for your setting. This volunteer training programme provides an introduction to the world of working in a range of Early Years settings. All academy graduates will:

  • Have the basic skills & knowledge required to start work e.g. a knowledge of safeguarding, health & safety, equality & diversity, the EYFS
  • Be DBS checked
  • Have received basic employability skills
  • Have demonstrated their reliability and passion for working with Early Years children.

Early Years apprenticeships for Nurseries and Pre-schools

Apprenticeships are a great way for Nurseries and Pre-schools to recruit new employees. Did you know apprenticeships can also be used to upskill yourself and other existing employees with a funded level 2 or 3 qualification.

Our accredited qualifications are designed for the fast changing environments in Nurseries and Pre-schools, we understand the day to day issues with regards to staffing and ratios.

We are able to help you recruit apprentices. The best way to identify potential apprentices for you setting is through our Early Years Academy Programme. We can be with you every step of your recruitment process.

Our delivery Team

Our Early Years delivery and support team consist of highly experienced and skilled practitioners including; 

  • Nursery Managers 
  • Nursery Owners  
  • Early Years Teachers 
  • Early Years Lecturers 

Apprenticeships are funded by the government, funds are held in a digital account. Since January 2020 all small (SME) employers including nurseries and pre-schools can set up and use a digital account. The account is used to request funds to cover the costs of apprenticeship training and to select a training provider to deliver the training. If you are part of a larger, levy paying organisation e.g. you are maintained by a local authority, then the authority would hold the funds and you can request some of these to be allocated to support your apprentices training programme.  

In addition to using apprenticeship fund to train new apprentices, the government encourages employers to use apprenticeship programmes to upskill existing staff. There is no upper age limit and it does not matter how long a staff member has been in post. The question is whether the training can provider new skills, knowledge and behaviours that increase the effectiveness of the staff member will provide career progression opportunities? 

The costs of apprenticeship training is met in full by the government for any apprentices aged between 16 and 18 years old. For apprentices aged 19 or over, the government will fund 95% of the training costs. The employer must may the additional 5%. Foe example the Early Years Educator apprenticeship costs £6,000, the employer has t o contribute £300. The contribution is paid directly to the training provider who must report collection to the government. 


If the funding is required to upskill existing staff members, it may be that that person already has some of the skills and knowledge due to them being in post for a period or having achieved some qualifications relevant to the job role e.g. short CPD courses. We will assess this prior skills and knowledge and reduce the cost of the apprenticeship training accordingly.  

We can work with you to develop an Early Years CPD programme which meets the individual needs of a particular staff member or staff groups, or one which is designed to meet an organisation need. Some of these programmes can be funded depending on what is required and other the eligibility of individual staff members. 

Yes, your apprentice funds can be used to fund a wide range of job rolesTypical roles in your organisation might include: Business administration, Marketing and Digital Marketing, Management, Team Leader/Supervisor, Management. The Institute for Apprenticeship and Technical Education website lists all available apprenticeships.