Early Years Academy

Find work in a nursery or school with Orange Moon Training

In order to help young people find work in the early years sector in the aftermath of Covid-19, we have teamed up with various nurseries, childminders and schools around the country to offer apprenticeships and job opportunities to dedicated young people who are passionate about working with children. By joining our Early Years Academy, you will complete an initial traineeship with us, gaining the essential skills and knowledge needed to work with children, before having the opportunity to complete an apprenticeship with a nursery in your local area.

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Areas we operate in:

  • Greater Manchester
  • Nottingham / East Midlands
  • South Yorkshire
  • Birmingham / West Midlands
  • Bristol / Swindon
  • Kent & Essex

Nurseries we work with:

and many more!

Additional Info:

  • You will receive an allowance of £50 per week to help cover the costs of travel and meals.
  • The course lasts approximately 8 weeks after which we hope to be able to offer you an apprenticeship in one of our carefully selected nurseries or childminders.

'You'll get this great experience and a starting point in your career'

- Courtney, former student